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At the Grind last night

Dammit. People keep interrupting me and expecting me to do work! Can't they see that I'm doing something important? :)

I went to the Grind at the 'Spot last night, working as a DM from 9-midnight. Whew. This felt like real work as opposed to most times when it's a bit more relaxed. The public rack was in full use from about 10pm until closing.

Saw the usual crowd there last night including cindygerb (of course), elfric, jenk, jenkitty, jw1776, onyxangel, and varushka as well as many non-lj people. I told Susan and Jaime that they both need to get LJ accounts.

So, there I was lost in my DM scanning mode and this rather attractive woman comes up, bouncing to a stop and says "You're the one I'm supposed to talk to." Here I am, thinking this is someone who wants to reserve some sort of equipment or such. She says, "See, I wanted to show you my fingernail polish" and she holds up her hand. A memory - this is an LJ thing. Sound of grinding as I shift gears. Using my fine articulate mind, I saw "Oh" and look at her hand. In the darkness, I can't see much but it looks cool anyway, sort of gray and sparkly. I confess to not being able to remember who she is and she tells me that she's myclaudia. People then shrink away from me as a light bulb goes on over my head in the dim lighting of the club. I'm multitasking with the DMing and chatting with myclaudia now and enjoying myself. The amusing thing is that she looks like her anime icon somewhat, the same clean cuteness. {the same other thing that try as I might, I can't English} Since I only have a little bit of time to chat, she leaves me to go dance but not before I tell her that elynne should come over and visit me. It's a little while later and both of them come over to visit me again. cindygerb is with me, so I get to introduce them together and Jaime knows one of them as well. They head off to chat and I get back to keeping people from intruding on the scenes and getting things for the players. We chat a few more times during the night and I ask them to let me say goodbye. Finally midnight comes and they are going to leave. Since I am off duty, I give them real hugs without worrying about what's going on around me. They leave. Cindy and I go in the back.

The next day, I e-mail both of them to ask if I can mention them in my livejournal. They both say yes and myclaudia tells me that I have elite snuggly skills. I -really- like that. I don't just hug, I have elite snuggly skills. Hee...

More substantive entries to follow but you can see how long this small post took me. (2.5 hours)
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