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Random thoughts (at least it's a post)

So, it's come to my attention that not only am I not eating very much, but I'm also not listening to music much at all. For me, that's really odd. But it's a good sign that I recognize it.

This was brought to mind when I realized that I hadn't listened to any of the cd-mixes that kimberly_a sent. I'm looking forward to that today...

I want to know how "woot" has actually entered my vocabulary. And what does it actually mean? I know it's a positive noise but I want etymology.

Here is what happens when animals get a bit too complacent about people food. (Who mentioned this? I have no clue.)

I successfully (successffully) repaired the sun roof on the "new" volvo yesterday. yay me!

Almost 3,000 people have taken the Ultimate Purity Exam 2.0 and I remain the only one in my demographic. I got a 22.81% overall. I'm amused since this test actually gets me out of the teens...

I successfully resisted the urge to buy a 24 pack of different colored sharpies at Staples the other day. Dude. 24 different colors!
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