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Gaming last night (Wednesday)

So, for gaming last night, we had cindygerb, anansi133, angilong, frog_mb, nymphas, Stormy, mokie_sassafras, Noah, Jessie, Nicky, and aekajin2 with a later surprise visit from taxqueen. At least I think that's everyone.

We started with Master of the Labyrinth that anansi133 had brought. This was our starter including myself, cindygerb, anansi133, angilong, and frog_mb. Very interesting game that I should possibly write up at some point. anansi133 won with almost double the points of second place.
Playing this also raised an interesting question in terms of numbers. It's only a four person game (Megann and Angi played as a team). Most of the time we try to fit everyone into one game. I think we need to be able have multiple games running like quite a few other people that have games nights.

Our second game was Munchkin with some of the expansions. As always this was fun with lots of silly mixed in. The game included all the adults and proto-adults with the kids in the other room terrorizing the ferrets. It's okay, it sounded like the ferrets were terrorizing them back. We did a quick training round while cindygerb made peanut-butter banana muffins. When that was done, she joined us and we played in earnest. Unfortunately, angilong, frog_mb, nymphas, Stormy, and aekajin2 had to leave partway through. Towards the end, we had three people at level nine. I won when everyone had used all their monster enhancers up keeping each of the three people from winning.

After the rest of the folks left, cindygerb, anansi133, and I played another game of Master of the Labyrinth. It went a bit differently now that we were familiar with the game and knew some of the strategies. Simple game with quite a bit of complexity.

It's amazing about how I can write much more about an event when I actually write it soon after.

(Note. I should find a link to Master of the Labyrinth but RPG Net doesn't have it and BoardGame Geek seems to be down.)
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