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Gaming last night (the 27th)

So, we had a good showing at games night last night. There was myself, cindygerb, anansi133, angilong, frog_mb, nymphas, Stormy, elphie, amai_unmei, searob, happilymyself, gary_zane, seattlejo, carmine_rose, and girlshawn. I think that is everyone but there were a lot and I might've missed some.

We started out trying to figure out what to play. anansi133 and I were discussing Rumis but elphie brought Burn Rate. Since none of us had played that before and since elphie doesn't make every games night and I do, elphie, anansi133, happilymyself, and I played that. It was a very amusing game and lots of fun. I don't know if would've been quite as fun if several of us hadn't been talking about experiences with dot-coms that the game seemed to bring up. Possibly the experiences don't help play the game though since anansi133 won with 51 money units left when the rest of us all died within a round of each other. anansi133 is the only one of us that hadn't worked for a dot-com.

The other, much larger, table was playing Munchkin after cindygerb told them how. I didn't see much of that game but evidently angilong won.

Then, many people that needed to get up early had to leave and we played a game of Apples to Apples with myself, cindygerb, anansi133, elphie, gary_zane, and girlshawn. Well, actually first we discussed _what_ we were going to play for a while and finally settled on Apples to Apples. It was a bit different than usual since there was a wide spread of cards while the game progressed. cindygerb finally won with a rather diverse group of adjectives.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the nummy food fest that cindygerb and amai_unmei put out. Lots of crackers and veggies and cheese and meat. Someone also brought some delicious hummus and there were other things too. This is probably the first time I've had rice crispy treats on a triscuit.
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