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Little bits.

Just a few little bits that have been rattling around.

  • I received a nice compliment from my boss today - He couldn't find an option to a unix command and asked me. I told him. He commented, "When in doubt, ask Darren". <*smile*>
  • I figured out why I like Hershey's kisses even though the chocolate in them is deplorable. They bring back a memory of growing up with an advent calendar. My mom made an advent calendar with a burlap back and winter scenes in felt on it. The various scenes had white plastic rings and on these rings was a Hershey's kiss wrapped in tissue paper with a number from 1-24 on it. I got to open each one on the day appropriate to the number. On the 24th, there was also a piece of paper that said I could open one present early.
  • I just ordered this shirt for cindygerb. I'm so delighted! Thanks to shadesong for the link.
  • What is it with high fructose corn syrup? cindygerb recently got a dinner at KFC and they gave her "Honey Sauce". The ingredient list is high fructose corn syrup, honey, sugar, corn syrup, natural honey flavor, caramel color. If they have to add caramel color, something is wrong. At least honey is the second ingredient as opposed to something I saw the other night that had a "crab meat sauce" that contained 2% or less of crab meat.
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