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Car radio stuff, take two

So, as to an update on the car radio theft, it seems that they tried the passenger side lock first and when that didn't work, then they smashed the window. At least, I'm assuming that's the order. It's possible they tried the lock second considering their presumed intelligence level.

They also took the tin of Penguin mints. This amuses me for some reason.

The earrings had more sentimental value than money value. They were one of the things cindygerb brought back to remember her mom by.

I don't know why I went to the Volvo dealership first but I did and waited for them to work on the car on a space-a basis. They never got to it although they were willing to give me a quote that I thought was a bit much. I picked up cindygerb from work and we went to All-Volvo. It was only $65 for parts and labor to replace the window. That's more than the dealership wanted for just the window…

Oh, and the police report was rather uneventful. I called the non-emergency number and had to wait through the entire menu to press 8. I was told that an operator would call me back to take the info. Someone did and I gave them all the info. Hmm. We didn't know they tried the lock first, I wonder if I should call them back and tell them this. I guess there are too many of these to send an officer out for every one.
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