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Gaming _Not_ this coming Wednesday

So, cindygerb and I have to be at a planning meeting for another event this coming Wednesday and so won't be able to host gaming. We discussed what to do in terms of scheduling the next gaming but couldn't really come to a decision. So, we decided to ask for your input:
Poll #490314 When should gaming be?

When should the next gaming day be?

The next available Wednesday - May 18th.
Just skip this one and have the next regularly scheduled event on May 25th.

If gaming ends up on the off week, should we:

Just continue with gaming on the normal schedule and having gaming on May 25th.
Make this the new schedule and having gaming two weeks out so the following gaming would be June 1st.

As you might guess, none of this is binding. No matter what you vote for, you can come to gaming whenever it is scheduled.
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