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Envious of women's clothes (again)

I'm envious of women's clothes. (I'm also appreciative but that's a different post.) Women can still look professional while still wearing significantly less. It's difficult for me to look professional in shorts or a skirt. So, I suspect I need to get a pair of nice looking thin pants. These jeans just aren't going to cut it.

We actually have a heat advisory in effect here. It hit 87° today which beat the previous record of 86° set in 1972. It's really early to be getting this hot.

One thing about it getting hot here as opposed to many other places including DC is that it can still be comfortable in the shade. If I can stay in the shade and not exert myself overly much, I can stay cool enough. Although with the hilliness of Seattle, it can be difficult to keep the level of exertion down.

I need to watch myself and not use the word 'actually' too much. There were three uses of it in this post and I was about to use a fourth when I realized what I was doing.

Finally, the scatteredness of this post reminds me that I didn't take my ADD meds at 8p.
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