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You know you have ADD when …

ladytabitha had a post last week about "You know you have ADD when …".

While my meds have helped a lot, I still have some problems. So, I started writing up some of my own thoughts on this on Friday and just finished it, interspersed with my thoughts on the item. I've put it behind an LJ cut so as to not bother people with a long list of ADD attributes and my comments on them. If this doesn't sound interesting enough to click through the LJ cut, then don't...

  • You have 7 email addresses because you can't remember what you used for your user name or the password.
    I have a Palm-app called Secret! that I keep all this information in. And I usually remember to enter it the third time I need the info.
  • You buy something on sale with a credit card and end up paying four times more than it's worth because you keep forgetting to send the payments in.
    There is a reason that I have -no- credit cards. They used to be the bane of my existence.
  • You suddenly realize somebody has been talking to you and you don't have a clue what they said.
    This is one of the things that meds have really helped with. It's even been commented on by the people I'm talking to.
  • The TV in the living room is on a different station than the one in the bedroom, the radio in the kitchen is on and the stereo in the other room is playing a CD — and you live by yourself!
  • You can't give anyone a ride in your car because it's full of all the stuff you left in the car so you wouldn't forget to bring it next time.
    That's what the trunk is for. There are a variety of things in the back seat that will eventually find their way home.
  • You give your sister the birthday present you bought for her two years ago when you found it in the wrapping paper box when you went to wrap the present you bought her this year and can't find.
    Maybe with this as an impetus, I will finally send the various presents that I have for my sister, my mom, etc.
  • You take off from work early to come home and clean the house before your neat non-ADD daughter and her even neater husband come to visit for the weekend and end up at this website and it's six hours later.
    I just get people to accept that we're not the neatest. If they don't like it…
    I've also become very good at the quick clean-up.
  • It takes you 15 seconds to alt-tab though all your open windows to the one you need.
    Having tabbed browsing has drastically changed how I browse, for the better. But I do have journal entries I want to comment on from over a week ago in a tab at home. At least those tabs get me to answer _other_ posts right away rather than putting it in a tab "to answer later". Well, most of the time.
  • You go on the web to find an answer to help you son with his homework and two hours later you have to go and ask what you were looking for
    Notes. Writing down notes are very useful. That way, I can eventually come back to what it was and find the answer. Maybe it won't be too late.
  • You find your self at stop sign and suddenly realize, it's not going to turn green.
    It's more the flashing red-light but yeah, this happens. I still get teased about it. I noticed that it was red and then went on to other things. I don't have the time to wait to see if it is flashing.
  • You run downstairs to get something to eat, but eventually find yourself back at your computer still hungry.
    This is more a thing of not knowing what I want to eat than forgetting though.
  • You get about 100 "You still there?" messages a day.
    You might notice that I'm not on IM much. IM is too much of an attention magnet for me.
  • You could be doing nothing at all but when someone bothers/detains you you get pissed off.
    Actually, I like being distracted from doing nothing. Well, as long as it's not inane.
  • You don't want to ask a question in class because you're not sure if the professor just said what you are wondering.
    Really! I'm taking notes. Want to see 'em?
  • You get your snack/drink from the kitchen and get comfortable in your chair, then realize you left the remote behind.
    I find it. Eventually.
  • You absolutely panicked in school, when your teacher would say, "I'm only going to tell you the directions one time, so listen carefully."
    Gods. This statement here is the worst of the bunch. I had a brief "Oh, shit!" moment in reading this. I still can't get auditory information clearly. Writing it down is -so- much better.
  • Your non-ADD friends give you books on "how to get organized" saying how much the book helped her, she knows it can help you too. And you want to throw it back at her.
    I've done this to myself a number of times as well. These days, instead, I'm in the middle of three different "How to manage ADD" books. There've been some good ideas in them so far.
  • You have copy pasted 7 of these lines to a friend's pager while reading. Each one better than the last.
    Well, I wouldn't page somebody with these. They're not that important. But they are important enough to put in my own journal.
  • You have nothing better to do than read this.
    I do have better things to do. But I finished what needed to be done immediately.
    I started writing this up on Friday. It's now Tuesday and I still haven't finished. Finishing it now seems like a good idea before I space it completely.
  • You set out to clean the whole house, only to find yourself still in the bathroom two hours later, and on the floor scrubbing the corners with a toothbrush.
    Uhm. Err. Uh. One of the ways that I can tell that my meds are working is if I go to clean up something and I only do a little more that I'd originally set out to do. Ask Cindy sometime about some of the antics that me not being on meds has caused.
  • While having hiccups somehow your thoughts go off and on in the same rhythm.
  • You think half of your thought then speak the other half out loud.
    What really amazing is that sometimes cindygerb is actually able to follow what I mean. That's cool.
  • You are presently reading at least 3 books and have piles of magazines to go through from last year!
    Only three? That's nothing.
  • Your ice cream tends to get a funny consistency because you always have to refreeze it because you forgot to put it back after a few scoops…
    Nope. But that's just because I'm compulsive about such things. I even have issues with leaving pens around uncapped.
  • You have spare deodorant, toothbrush, gel, and make-up in your desk drawer at work, for precautionary reasons.
    I thought this was just being prepared. I mean, really, what if? I also have spare books, just in case.
  • Your most vivid memory of elementary school is the shape of the windows.
    I don't have memories of elementary school for some reason.
  • You have new month's resolutions…or new week's resolutions… or…
    I've given up on resolutions.
  • You know your room is messy, can't bring yourself to clean it, would love to have a clean room, but when someone starts to clean it for you — it bothers you and you tell them that you'll clean it tomorrow.
    What finally got me to clean up the computer room was when I broke a window and the window repair people had to get to the most crowded window in the room.
  • People laugh at your off color jokes — and the more they laugh the worse you get — working yourself into a frenzy…to the point of embarrassment…
    Well, the embarrassment part doesn't happen but I _know_ that my sensibilities and limits are rather different than my co-workers.
  • You frantically search the house for your keys ('cause, of course, you're late) only to discover they are in your hand!
    There is a reason that I have a pouch to keep all such essentials in. If I always return them there, then I always know where they are. When I lose my pouch, I call my cellphone and find my pouch that's with it. It's annoying to find out that I'm wearing it. These days, I check my waist first.
  • Your cat is only used to getting fed on an ad hoc basis.
    This might be why they are so persistent. They still get fed regularly, just not on a regular schedule.
  • You tell your family about your ADD diagnosis and they say, "Oh come on, this is just one of your fads…"
    Not quite. But my mom was told that I didn't have ADD, just that she was a bad parent.
  • You're trying to figure out if you have ADD or not, and can't because you never read the texts you find on the internet all the way through.
    I didn't need this. I was diagnosed a long time ago.
  • You remember Dad's birthday is July 10th, you know today is July 10th, but you don't realise that today is Dad's birthday!
    I do think this is common. Hopefully, I'll be able to remember Father's Day.
  • You notice every single spelling and grammatical error while reading this page and it drives you nuts.
    Yes. Very much so. I fixed all that I found and corrected the HTML including — and ….
  • You keep saying "thing" instead of the word for something, because it would take to long to remember the real word for the "thing".
    Usually I do try to get _just_ the right word. Sometimes too much so. I so generally mean what I say with the words I choose. It just might take a little while to say it.
  • You choose a really crowded cafeteria in order to concentrate on what you're reading…
    Well, yes. It's much better to have distractions that are very ignorable than distractions that are distracting. Even so, the people-watching is much fun.
  • Understand that you can do better when you make a list and you cannot sit down to make the list.
    See the comment above about starting this on Friday.
  • you want everything you do to be perfect and in that process you mess up on the easiest things and you don't know how you did it.
    I've developed a bad relationship with the word 'perfect'. I do have intense standards though.
  • you add this page to your favorites, so you can come back and finish… um… hmm… you know, whatever you were working on here in the first place.
    ladytabitha mentioned _pushpins_ enabling one to do "This page, at this spot." That would be wonderful. There is so often that I want to be able come back to a page at a specific place. Grrf.
  • you have to work really hard not to talk about work, inlaws, the weather, or T.V… while in the middle of sex.
    I've been told that I'm the only one that has conversations during sex. It's usually about the sex or just a generally expression of Yay! but more verbose.
  • You left the book you were reading at work, so you grab another one and start reading that one, which means you are now probably in the process of reading about 5 or 6 books, 3 of which you can't ever seem to find.
    Well, yeah. All the time. I had to employ my reserve book today because I forgot the book that I'm currently in the middle of. Oh, and it's more than 5 or 6.
  • You think everybody does these things and lives this way. (Don't they?)
    This one isn't true for me although I don't understand how people do these tasks otherwise. But I _do_ notice that many others do these same things in weird ways. (Yes, everyone _else_ is out of step.)

What about you?
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