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I seem to be rather amotivational about posting on LJ. I'm not quite sure why. Possibly I need to continue to work on time management as I fit myself into my job. I -still- haven't written a state of the job post like I feel I should.

On to the second (and more) item I want to address and likely should've been in its own post...

Somehow when I was looking at the news article about permanent accounts, I both read it wrong _and_ didn't pay attention to the EST, just figuring it was PST. So, when I saw that it said that perm accounts are on sale _now_ and it was about10.30p, I thought to myself, "Oops. I must've misread the day for when perm accounts are on sale. I should get what I need now and not wait for later." Then, of course, it turns out that they were on sale then because it was 12.30a EDT and therefore the 7th. Oops. Well, no harm, no foul. I was rather pleased that some friends and I were able to go in on a perm account for someone that is feeling a bit down. Hopefully our gift will help raise h(er|is)1 spirits some. Not much I can do but every little bit helps.

I know that one of the recent "things" people are doing in various posts is to "tag" someone to continue a leme on forward. I just glaze over the list of names and if any have included me, I've likely missed it. If you want my attention, leaving my name in a list of other names is not the best way to do it.

The cafeteria at my work is having vendors offer free samples of various foods this week. I definitely reiterate my dislike of flavorings on chips. Why putting chemicals on chips and calling them flavorings is a good idea is beyond me...

There are likely more things but this should do for now.

1. I don't really like any of hir, zir, or her/his so I chose the geeky way out with a regex.
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