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In Telling/Living the story of my life...

So, I've got two different thoughts going through my head, both sparked by a post from a friend of mine. The thoughts are rather unrelated but I suspect that folks with find relations between the two that I don't find...

Thought the first: I'm very curious what everyone else sees as the difference between Pleasure and Joy. They're related concepts but, at least for me, occupy a somewhat different niche. I have my own thoughts on this but I'd be curious as to what other people feel about it.

Thought the second: Don't tell, Show. I've heard this advice in relation to writing fiction. Don't tell your readers what your characters are doing; show the readers what your characters are doing through the character's actions. I've been contemplating how that relates to the story of my life when I heard it a few months ago. It had faded from my consciousness but it's still something I need to work on. I know that, especially in times of stress, I can wear my body and observe and direct myself what to do rather than take in the world, feel it, and respond to it. I really think that the second is much healthier than the first. I know that I've been much happier when I'm feeling the world rather than observing. I have more thoughts on this but I think I need to leave it here right now or I will analyze it too much.
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