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Touch as a sacrament

I always try to approach touch as a sacrament.

But I also think that nothing should beyond playing with. So, I have to think and wonder what would it be to respectfully blaspheme this sacrament?

It's easy to come up with at least one thing that unrespectfully blasphemes: any non-consensual touch is blasphemous in my religion.

Respectful is more difficult. The possibly obvious converse of the above, to me, is another method of expressing touch as a sacrament: Brutal Affection Punching, Kicking, Slapping and Sex (text not worksafe, possibly not triggersafe; link thanks to regyt). Not touching would also not be blasphemous considering that there are many reasons not to touch depending on the person as well as the set and setting.

So, again, I ask how to be respectfully blasphemous about the sacrement of touch?
Tags: contrary, intimacy, woo-woo
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