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The plumbers arrive soon...

We're replacing all the intake plumbing in our house this week. It's a bit much and it's rather disruptive but it needs to be done. Our house currently runs galvanized steel which is good for about 50 years. It's a 1947 house…
We had to re-schedule it twice due to finance issues but we're finally going through with it. It will be nice to have a decent water pressure and not have to deal with the extra minerals in our water. It's been getting worse lately.

This weekend (with the help on anansi133, I took out both walls in the bathroom closets. This gives full access to the bathtub plumbing. Most of the other plumbing is already accessible except for the bathroom sinks. When the plumbers get here, I'm going to discuss what's necessary to take out. We're hoping to not have to re-tile the downstairs bathroom. Cleaning up for this also meant cleaning up the part of the basement under the stairs where the main water line comes in. That was lots of fun. Our bathrooms are also empty of stuff, so this week should be interesting. We're supposed to have water every night when they quit for the day. Hopefully that works. They're supposed to have everything done by Friday night including giving us a new pipe to the water main at the street with all the requisite permits and such. It should be interesting since we'll be going from old (I think) ½ inch galvanized steel to the street to 1 inch copper.

As always, life is an adventure.
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