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Trains; People, LJ and otherwise

Travelling by train down to Portland seems different than my trainrides up to Vancouver, BC. I'm not quite sure how but it seemed more like a plane flight than this trip did. It was very interesting that many people were chatting with people they had just met and likely wouldn't see again. I liked hearing what they talked about when I wasn't interacting with other people. I also noted that it wasn't just me being overly gregarious but a general tendency for people to interact more and be friendly. I mentioned this to one person and they thought that much of it could be accounted for the ability to move around more and not be confined to your seat with seatbelt on. I wasn't really sure why. I was really pleased by the friendly atmosphere though.

I was surprised to see that the guy running the cafe/bistro car had a T28i. Considering how fragile they are known to be, I was surprised that it's survived. The fellow agreed that Ericsson said they broke down a lot but he's never had problems with his. It was a nice phone while it lasted.

I got to see both kando and ednoled last night. They showed up at the hotel after ednoled's band practice and we walked around downtown Portland for a while. Amusing conversations abounded and we were assaulted in a friendly way by a variety of people. One of them was trying a comedic routine including the words "a blend of Al Sharpton and William Shatner". Ack! I would've liked to've spent more time with them (Kim and Delonde, not the street people) but even just a little in-person time was great. Wondrous hugs from both of them too.

I'm currently writing this in a nice little net-cafe named Backspace. They seem to do lots of gaming business. Six bucks an hour is pretty good. I enjoyed getting yet more compliments on my hat. (See icon.) Somewhat energetic background music. I wouldn't want to listen to it for itself, but it's nice in the background. I'm saving my post into a draft in Gmail periodically since I don't trust the webclient…

An update on me not posting. I'm currently trying to write something each day so that at least I'll be writing. There are no expectations from other people. Doing this writing is for me. I really do want to write about my life so that I can remember it and I can stop thinking about it as well as the other reasons mentioned in that post.

So, that's my dump for tonight I think. I need to get to bed, especially since this chair is making my hips hurt. I should write about me having rather wide hips for a guy at some point...

Oh, and I'm looking forward to having lunch with gcuvier tomorrow. It's been quite a while since we've seen each other. Thankfully, she's downtown as well. Yay!
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