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Ferret Launching

(Cross-posted from ferretlovers to my journal)

We have a separate room for our ferrets and have a 24" lexan barrier over the door to keep the ferrets from getting out. This has worked up to a couple days ago. My partner, cindygerb was asleep on the couch and Elton John Ferret came up and visited her on the couch. He realized that he could get up on the carrier, launch himself at the barrier and make it over.

So, we went out and got a 30" lexan barrier to put up. Well, then, Ringo Star Ferret learned that he could just push on the barrier and it would flex and come down. The new lexan barrier wasn't bent quite well enough to stay in the door.

So, now, we have the 30" barrier on top of the 24" barrier. Elton is really trying to get over it. I keep hearing a "-spang-" as he lauches himself at the barrier and hits the upper one. I can't help but be amused...
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