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Pictures of folks. (and Discovery!)

While I was writing this, I heard that Discovery has successfully made it to orbit. Yay! Woohoo! I'm glad that we've made it back.

A while back, rollick asked me why what a person looks like seems so important to me when it seems from my comments and posts that I'm rather non-judgmental of people regardless of their looks. I thought it was a rather good question and I've been trying to answer it to myself ever since. I keep revisiting it every now and then and haven't come up with any definitive answers.

I suspect that some of why I want to see what people look like is the information involved. What I -really- want is a sense of presence but I know of no way of getting that without an actual physical meeting. So, a picture of someone is my next best choice. In thinking about it more, a picture also allows me to think of a person as more real rather than some abstract. I think that abstracts are good for many people but, for me, having things be even more abstract is _not_ good. So, a picture helps me take someone that I've only had conversations with and make them more real for me.

So, hmmm, I think that really is much of why I'm looking for pictures. It's another case of taking something from my head (abstract) and writing it down (concrete) and discover the answers in doing so.
Tags: connex, space, torin.faq
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