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Analogies and Ice Cream

(I need to control my desire to start my LJ entries with "So, ".)

On Friday, some friends and I got to discussing what the difference is between mind and soul. One thought that occurred to me that I want to note for future reference is:
When I'm contemplating Zen, I'm using my mind.
When I'm working with the Tao, I'm using my soul.
There is a lot more to say about the difference between mind and soul and well as even more about how they are both just expressions my self but I'm going to leave this simple. (Yes, I know. Who are you and what have you done with wolfieboy?)

One recommendation from this discussion was for cindygerb to use turmeric to help with the swelling of her knee. I don't know how well it will help but it couldn't couldn't hurt. While we were out getting turmeric, I was inspired by our discussion previously to also pick up peanut butter cup ice cream with peanut butter ice cream and fudge swirls through it. Yay!

Generally, it just pops into my head what the appropriate tags are for an entry. It hasn't for this one. But I suspect that I'll want to tag it later. So, it gets tagged as 'untagged'…
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