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Plumbing problems affecting me more than it should / icons / google

I'm trying to clean out the drain of our main level bathroom sink and I can get most of it. All the pipe upstairs and much of the pipe downstairs. I'm having difficulty getting to the vertical pipe since it is at a right angle. But I figure that it's vertical. It's not going to have a clog; gravity would take care of that. As you might guess from me writing this, that wasn't the case. Everything else is clear but it still backs up and drains slowly.

This wouldn't generally be a big deal. I'd try harder, later, when I have more time to work on it. If I still can't get it, I'd call a plumber. But for some reason, this is affecting me rather strongly; as if I have failed at some important task that should've been simple to solve. I've got enough control of the various thoughts that this isn't spilling over into thoughts of being an utter failure elsewhere such as work, friends, etc. but it's still rather odd. Documenting this is good.
EDIT: Having written this down, I'm already doing better…

I notice that I don't really have a good icon for sad. I have my hat which is a sit-in for flat affect and I've got an icon that represents the sadness of another's death but nothing in between. I'll have to fill that void.

This brings me to my last topic. I'm wondering what's up with Google tonight. I'm getting "No data in response" and really slow loads most of the time although if I'm persistent, I can get through. I wonder if they are suffering from a DDoS or a couple of major switches failed or what. I'll hit google images later...
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