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Well, that was interesting. I just received a phonecall from acidexia involving her plans to come up here. I think it would be rather interesting to meet her and chat with her. We haven't had much personal interaction but I always enjoy chatting with freaks and it looks like she qualifies...

The biggest question is, are we ready to host again or is it still too soon after our teenager moved out? I'm not completely sure. I've been spending the last few weeks simplifying my life a bit. This will complicate it some. Sure, it's a good complication but is it something I'm ready for, even for 2-3 days. So, cindygerb and I will need to determine this.

On other notes. I really, really liked the weather we're having so far this week. Monday was good, Tuesday was good. I'm looking forward to a nice gray autumn. Clouds are so much more featureful than blue sky.

On the final note. I actually went through and read through all my friends entries that I missed at the beginning of last week. When I finally finished on Monday, the URL at the top said skip=800. I definitely didn't do this all in one sitting but just kept working my way back starting on Wednesday when the same location was skip=350. This was just the people on my friends list. I skipped all the communities since they are less important.
If, in my quick overview, I missed something that I should've seen or you wished I had commented on, let me know. No sleight was intended, I was just trying to be quick.
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