Torin/Darren WhoEver (wolfieboy) wrote,
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Bad Geek / Good Geek?

So, cindygerb and I are going away for the weekend for an actual, real vacation. To a vacation place even. This is rather odd for us. But it's to stay with friends, so that's okay.

To get to the subject of this post though, I realized that I don't want a laptop or other computer access this weekend. I have no need or desire for such. I think that makes me both a bad geek and a good geek depending on your perspective…

Edit: It's likely that I'm not going to be able to catch up with all of Friday and the weekend when I come back. So, if there are posts that you really want me to see, post a link to them here. Otherwise, I'll "see" folks on Sunday or Monday.
Tags: queries, silly
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