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People-watching and links

Sometimes, I take some time during my lunch to go down to the local people congregation area and watch people while reading my book. I really like a wide variety of people but I do know that one feature beats out everything else and that is a smile. It makes some sense when I think about it but the transformation that someone's face takes on when they smile is amazing. Smiles beat out exposed necks, long hair, and tight clothing without any question.

Oh, and some links I meant to post last night but never did:
From SJ Games Illuminator, it's Serenity in Lego. I have many legos, I need to play with them more. In my copious spare time.

Also, it makes me very happy to know that a Sword Forum exists. I haven't had the time to go looking at it but it pleases me greatly that it even exists. Yay!
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