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HTML/CSS Compatibilty. Upgrades too.

In answer to my question from the other day about having CSS automatically create outline style numbering in HTML, it seems that neither Firefox nor IE can do that right now. Opera can but the people that will be reading the page won't be using Opera. It'd be nice if these new browsers with their gewgaws could try for standards compliance at some point.

fiddle_dragon shared a great link to determine what the capabilities of IE6, Firefox 1.0, and Opera 8. It's at and contains both a summary for HTML, CSS, and DOM as well as a detailed view for every little element. This is much better than most of the compability tables out there since a) it uses modern browsers, and b) goes into complete detail. Thanks Kethry!

In other news, I am upgrading to the Sarge release of Debian. This means that I'm looking through changelogs from May 2005 to April 2002. There's a bit there… (EDIT: 698K, 17K lines)
Tags: daft, html/css
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