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For some odd reason this morning, I was feeling as if I failed. At what, I don't know. Possibly this is related to my relatively recent issues between food and mood. But this isn't how the food/mood problem usually manifests. Thankfully, I threw observational data at it and it yielded. I'm doing much better now.

Last week was a bit interesting since it seems that I had an allergy attack without being congested. The lack of congestion was due to me taking stinging nettle capsules. But I didn't realize what was going on because my brain was mostly offline and I didn't have the usual signals. It does mean that I was pretty much out of it for most of the week from mid-Tuesday to Saturday night. Just about all my spare time was spent asleep or otherwise trying to rest. I had occasional moments of lucidity but not many. It became even worse on Thursday afternoon and I mostly slept from getting home from the Grind to Saturday, aside from getting up to blow my nose, drink water, and take _things_. I remember little of what happened at the Grind that night. I now need to do more work to make up for all the work that I was too out of to do last week.

In terms of more current state, I'm glad to have a brain today. I went to an enjoyable Labor Day barbeque last night with no digestive issues. Lastly, we'll be cleaning up tonight for gaming on Wednesday, the 7th.
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