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Feeling much better now, thanks / What I learned from British Folk Ballads

Before I go off into discussing the state of me, I thought I'd mention this wonderful link from slipjig about all the things one can learn from British folk ballads. I just have to say that it's pretty difficult, in Seattle, to stay away from Navigable Waterways.

Now on to the State of the Wolfieboy. I'm doing much better and I've been eating. I've had no problems since my episode last night. You can read much about the latest happenings in cindygerb's journal: 10.53p last night, 01.05a last night/this morning, and 11.55a this morning. Cindy really went above and beyond the call in cleaning up all that I produced last night. Note that those links are a bit TMI and the rest of this post is TMI too.

Danger! Strong TMI past this point. Danger!

This started on Tuesday when a few hours after going to Palomino's for a co-worker's 25th anniversary with the company, I started getting a bit of upset and I started belching. A lot. Cindy said that they sounded like sick burps and I noted that unlike my normal burps which descend in pitch at the end, these rose in pitch. They also tasted like beer, very hoppy beer. Considering that I don't know if I've had any beer this year, it was confusing. That night I started squirting out my butt. No lead up or anything, it was just all liquid. I tried the normal remedies of Ginger, Papaya, and finally Pepto-Bismol. Thankfully, I'm quite good at being anally retentive when I have to be. It's my body, dammit, I don't often demand things but it can damn well wait until I'm at a toilet. Finally, I bought some Imodium Advanced that included "gas relief". This belching every 5-10 minutes was getting really annoying. I had one person ask if I was going to clean up the floor after one belch but they were all gaseous. I took more Imodium Advanced around 3p and more around 6p. This may or may not've been the best of ideas. My gas and butt-squirting were decreasing significantly but they might've been needed. I was feeling worse and worse as the night wore on. I didn't participate much in the gaming; I just laid down. I was feeling worse and worse as time by. Finally, sometime after midnight, I was on the toilet and I puked up with lots and lots of volume, both in noise and amount. Here is where Cindy went above and beyond, amazingly so. See, it came on so quickly that all I had time for was to lean forward and barf in the tub. After I finished, I didn't quite cover all of bottom of the tub but it was close.
I spent the rest of the night in the bathroom with a pillow and a blanket. If I was going to barf again, I wanted to be near the bathroom. The speed with which I barfed worried me. I -didn't- want to be on my way there when it came out of me. Nothing more came out and other than being tired, I was feeling much, much better. Thinking about it now, about the only time I -ever- barf is when I have something really nasty in me that I need to get out. It's only happened about four times in my adult life and each time I've felt much, much better afterward.
So, after all this, I told work that I wasn't going to be in and spent the rest of the day asleep. I've now had food and we'll see how this goes. It's been more than 24 hours since I had my last Imodium, so I should be squirting again if I was going to be. We'll see what happens.

Considering that I've never had gas before where I was belching, I do have to wonder if my experience was typical. Is it normal for gas belches to smell fermented and hoppy? I'm guessing not but I don't know...
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