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Yes, it's more about me being sick. No, there is no TMI.

So, I continue to have the same problems that I've been having. My primary concern at this point is my nutrition. I worry about how much of the food is getting into my body. Hopefully the blood tests that I had on Monday will tell me something. I'm continuing to drink Smartwater and other electrolyte drinks. We bought a Costco case of Gatorade.

The most annoying part is how tiring all this is. Just being up and walking or even extended periods of sitting is tiring. Going up a flight of stairs breaks me out in sweat and I have to rest. Hopefully, we'll find out soon what the problem is and what to do to fix it. I have a follow-up appt on Friday to review all the results.

In other news, cindygerb goes in for her knee arthroscopy at 12.30 today. Yay for a working Cindy knee.
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