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On Sickness and Writing and Reading

I seem to be pretty much past the problematic parts of being sick. All I need to do know is recover. Unfortunately, it is still a lot of work to stand for long periods or even to hold my hands in the right place to type or read a book. But I'm doing much better than I was on Friday. I even finished my book. It does mean that I've been writing comments and responses very little though. I'm hoping to get much better soon but I'm trying not to push it. Going back into this would really suck.

After blood and other tests, they don't know all that much about what got me. They show that through this, my electrolyte and other levels have all been good. The only thing that's elevated is my white blood cell count. Which, of course, suggests some nasty beast down in my alimentary tract. Not all the tests have come back yet; I get those Monday. They can at least say that I don't have cholera. Yay!
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