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A somewhat real post

I've noticed that most of my posts lately have been little things or announcements. Not quite sure why that is but it's definitely there. This isn't (for me) a fully real post since it's not a thought piece but mentioning what I'm doing is useful to me, at the very least.

Yesterday (Sunday), I was wondering why my forearms and biceps were hurting. Then cindygerb asked me if we were going exercising tonight. I said yes and realized that my arms hurt because Saturday, we started exercising again. Yay!

I had my first annoying interaction with Speakeasy on Saturday. I had previously called Speakeasy TS to make sure that I'd be able to get more IP addresses on Saturday. I was told that I could but that it could be better to do it during the week with my account manager. The TS person also said that I didn't have an account manager allocated and allocated me one. Well, I called Speakeasy on Saturday morning to get more IP addresses and the person told me that neither he nor the help desk person had the permissions to do it. So, I'll call my account manager soon and find out what's going on. Relatively minor annoyance but still annoying.

Dim Sum was good on Sunday. We had seventeen people including a new person and two people we hadn't seen for many years. That's much goodness. Afterward, cindygerb and I went with loba to Goodwill and a fruit stand/market.

Finally, while chatting with some friends on Friday, I noticed they had some Mage: The Ascension books out. I asked about them and it turns out that a Mage game was starting on Sunday afternoon and they wondered if I'd like to join. I said yes. Mage is my favorite RPG with Gurps a close second. It was much fun last night. I suspect that I need to write a post about how the new "Mage: The Awakening" is the Highlander 2 of game revisions but not right now.
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