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New IP addresses and windows worms

So, we were able to get our new IP addresses now. We went from 5 addresses to 29. This will be rather useful. I already found out that the problem with the printer was user error rather than anything else. It does mean that I'll be able to set up the wireless since I'll be able to segment the network. So, if there was a brief period where folks couldn't get to things on, that's why.

I was vastly amused that when I changed the IP addresses for Cindy's W2K box, it was probed by a worm in less than 15 seconds. Thankfully, Norton Antivirus blocked it. But I was very amused at the speed. It was something calling itself svchost.exe. Unsurprisingly, I had to reboot the MS-Windows box after changing the IP but the unix boxes had no issues with the change.

I'm trying out other Net Cafes and I don't think I'll go back to Cyberdogs. The oatmeal cookie was hard and the tea was bagged. Most tea you get out is bagged but when better is available, what is the point. The systems also seem less maintained. I had to close a bunch of popups and then just decided that using the imac would be safer. The place yesterday just seemed to have more thought put into it.
Tags: daft, geeky, net cafes
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