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Last gaming and why am I not posting

I'm going to try writing about each of the gaming events at StrangeLand a bit closer to when they happen.
You can read about what happened in our first game, playing Apples to Apples in cindygerb's journal. And yes, it is true. I'm not always as polite as I am in person when I am driving. In the second game, we played Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot. As always, it was very silly. frog_mb killed everyone else's bunnies not once, not twice, but _three_ times. On the third time, she killed her bunny too. She didn't win though. The one problem that I have with Killer Bunnies is that who wins depends very little on skill or play. But it is an amusing, fun, and silly game. If I post closer to when it happened, I'll actually remember who was there…

As for why I am not posting? I'm not really sure. I've probed around for a few different reasons but I think they're just excuses and not reasons. In the past when I've stopped posting, I've generally had a reason, but I don't know this time. Let's see if I can try for once a day with a fallback position of four times a week. I've tried this before, who knows, maybe it will stick this time.
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