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Gaming that happened, tonight 26 October 2005 at StrangeLand

So, tonight consisted of cindygerb, myself, shivana, angilong, frog_mb, happilymyself, and her lj-less son Stephan.
The first game we picked was "Choose the game". This went on for a while with Munchkin, Carcassone, Nodwick, and Robo-Rally all being considered. There was a wistful desire for Illuminati but it wasn't really viable. Also we considered splitting up into two groups to match the player limit on most of these games.
We settled on Carcassone. For some reason, everyone seemed to be playing conservatively. We had few open cities at any one time and just about everyone's points were clustered in about a five point spread. Finally though, angilong and frog_mb won decisively, probably due to having the only large field. The two of them teamed up so that we would have only six people and could all play the same game.
We broke up then since all of us had to get up early the next day. *yawn*
Tags: games, gaming night, social
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