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So, I was right.

So, I was correct in thinking that Kitaya wouldn't last out the weekend. We've buried her out in the yard near Morrigan. Kitaya always took her lead from Morrigan when she could, so it seemed appropriate.

It seems appropriate. She was an all-black kitty. We hadn't realized that we were buying her on Friday the 13th until the cashier mentioned it. She died on Halloween weekend. I'm sure if I worked at it, I could fit in more urban folkore into this.

She lived a cantankerous life of twenty years and didn't let anyone tell her what to do other than Morrigan. cindygerb wanted to shave a mohawk on her since it would be appropriate. I like to think of her as having gone to a delightful place where she can be with Morrigan again, be cantankerous, and have her claws back. She was plenty tough without them and would know exactly what to do when she had them again. I need to write up more memories of her life but I should get to bed soon.

I'm sorry to zaratyst, see_tree_me, and tabbifli for missing your parties. I don't think we were quite up for them while dealing with this.
Tags: kittens/cats
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