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Bit of a meme/leme such - Words about me

So, there is a current leme going around about what people should do if their usernames start with a certain letter should do something or other. I suspect that it needs some variation but I'm not the one posting it. I do like commenting on lemes though. I would like your help with this one though.

One of the lines says "Ten words that bring you to mind should be posted by: anyone with LJ usernames beginning with U, V, W, X".

So, I'm asking if folks would be interested in posting words that bring me to mind. Note that any number of words is fine. I don't need ten from one person. :)

Yes, this is incredibly ego-centric and self-indulgent. But this is LJ, so that should be expected.

P.S. I'm being amused at the random icons that LJ Hook is choosing but I think I need to go hit some icon communities to find more icons.
Tags: leme, words
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