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I've got a few new icons that I've been using but haven't posted about. The first two link to fullsize images if you want more detail.

librarything The first is librarything. I expect that I'll mostly use this to post about LibraryThing and possibly about books in general. I have another post in the wings about LibraryThing. These are the first fifteen books I entered.

Bunny and Balloon The second is Bunny & Balloon. I grabbed this when galateadia made it into an icon on sunyata__'s journal. The fullsized pic has a few more frames since it doesn't have to fit into 40k. I have no idea what I'll use it for but it was too delightfully silly to not want to keep.

PlasmaThe last is from growf when he posted using it. I like it and asked if I might take. He graciously said yes. The keywords for it are -fay- and -electrical play-. I don't post about either of those things much but those seemed like the appropriate words for it.

Yes, two of them are animated. That's rather the point for both…
This does also give me more options for the random icons from LJ Hook.
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