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Not the best of days...

This hasn't been the best of days.

So, I get up in the middle of the night to express myself in an intestinal way. I had quite a bit to say but only a little bit to say at a time. I call in sick to work due to these expressions that I'm having. I collapse back to bed, still getting up every now and then when my intestines have something more to say.

Note that I was bad enough off that I hadn't checked e-mail or LJ earlier. I attempt to check it to find that my X-Windows box is having issues. Not only is the display not working but I also can't get to it over the network. But I can tell it does something when I press the reset button; I just can't tell what.

This issue is preempted by cindygerb needing to go to the emergency room. She'd been calling the doctor because she suspected that an antibiotic that she'd been taking was causing her abdominal pain. It was getting worse and she called the doc. He said to go to the emergency room. We send off e-mail to the wetspot volunteers list saying we're not going to be at the Grind that night and off we go.

The emergency room was oddly unoccupied when we got there although there were two arrivals while we were being processed. Even with few people there, they take their own sweet time about it. They take blood and do various exam type things. They even take her off to get a CAT scan. All these are inconclusive. The doctor confirms that the antibiotic could've caused abdominal pain but not after not taking it for two days. The white blood cell count is nominal, so that rules out a variety of things. The CAT scan not showing anything rules out a number of other things but nothing is ruled in. So her diagnosis is "Abdominal pain—Etiology Unknown".
There does seem to be a little bit of relief with Tums and Maalox, so they decide to treat her for reflux with Prevacid. It's not much but maybe it will help.

So, we're back home again and we collapse when we get here. Hospitals can be stressful. After we get up, cindygerb is still in pain and my X-Windows box seems to be incommunicative with the world. Thankfully, my intestines haven't had anything to say since before we went to the hospital. I try to investigate the X-Windows box a bit more and I can tell that the monitor works on another system and the light for having a network connection is on for that cable but there is no display and "no route to host". I'll need to open it up and start replacing parts. It's just odd that both the network card and the video would go at the same time. I have e-mail and various system services, I just don't have graphical capability or the ability to write cds or dvds. I'm using Cindy's w2k box to be able to post this.

This isn't real coherent but it's 4 in the morning and I'm still going to try to go to work on Friday.
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