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References for Sapiosexual?

rock808 recently tried to add Sapiosexual to Wikipedia. Unfortunately, he met with much resistance because they say it hasn't escaped from the "blogosphere". They say that it hasn't shown up enough places outside of peoples' blogs to merit inclusion even though there are other similar terms in Wikipedia. You can see his entry here.

So, I ask of you two things.
  1. Most important: Please mention here or on rock808's entry if you know of references to sapiosexual by "Notable Bloggers" or places outside of the "blogosphere". Especially nice would be references in print.
  2. In the longer term, it would be nice for folks to create references to sapiosexual. Getting references to the word in print or in non-blog entries would be very useful. I doubt that such things will really be soon enough to keep this wikipedia entry from being deleted but it would be useful when we want such an entry in the future. If you do that, mention in either place would also be nice.
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