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Life is an adventure

Life is certainly an adventure. I just got back from picking up and dropping off a friend of mine. He was driving along the Alaskan Way Viaduct when he started hydroplaning on the well-maintained road there. He tried to correct, went into a spin, and slammed the car into the guardrail. Thankfully the guardrail did its job since otherwise he would gone down 2.5-3 stories to the asphalt below. That wouldn't've been pretty. As it was, he's fine, the car isn't. When I got there he has the benefit of have 3 cop cars, 1 roadside assistance van, and a tow truck. He was certainly easy to find...

Other than being angry he seems just fine. No signs of shock or of jarred bones/muscles. He's going to sleep now and determine if he needs to go to the hospital when he wakes up.

I need to be careful about what I wish for. I wanted to spend more time with this person and I certainly got to do that tonight.

I do like having an interesting life. I just wonder at the manifestations sometimes.
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