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Unicode and how to search for it

Back on the 27th of December, I asked
If anyone knows how to go from the glyphs that altavista/babelfish or google uses to unicode number entries, I'd love to know.
Well, I found it. At For example, if one searches on 服, you'll get a selection of characters that it matches. In this case one: U+670D. If you click on this, you'll see that it is the Han Character for 'clothes; wear, dress' and you'll be told way more about it than you thought you'd ever know. Note that above, I used the UTF-8 representation of 0xE6 0x9C 0x8D rather than the HTML Entity 服. If you can't see it above, your browser isn't doing UTF-8 and/or isn't doing unicode. Here it is an HTML Entity: 服, no UTF-8 here.
Tags: geeky, language
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