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Posting, then TMJ

The slightly odd subject line is because I thought it sounded better than Posting and TMJ. There is no connection between them other than them both being mentioned in this post.

After sitting in rather nasty traffic today, my TMJ flared up again and hasn't gone down again. I think I am going to need to see someone about this. An Oxycodone took it from "Omigod this hurts" to "Ya know, this rather hurts". But I rarely ever take this level of narcotic. I don't want to deal with the side effects. I'm moving slowly both in mind and body.

In terms of posting, I decided earlier this month that I was dissatisfied with the level at which I was posting. Posting nothing between two announcements for gaming is, in my opinion, pretty pathetic. So, I decided to try to post every day this month. I made this decision on the 6th but I didn't mention it until now because when I've mentioned such things in the past, it seemed to've taken some of the impetus out of it and I never followed through. Starting with the seventh, I've made a post every day. Well, except for last night. Last night's post was really at about 1.30a but it was a choice of making love to cindygerb or posting. Guess which I chose. But I knew what I was going to post about and I had something more important to do, so I think it counts. Since this is really jut for me, my opinion is what is important. We'll see how I do in the two remaining days and in February.
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