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ADD and coping behaviours

So, I had an interesting incident today involving my ADD and coping behaviours.

first, some quick background. Up until recently, it was thought that when a human grew to adulthood and the body matured that the ADD/ADHD just went away. They have since found that it doesn't go away but that as an adult, people have developed coping behaviours that allow them to function in the real world. Also, since they are adults, many of them go into professions where the attention behaviours from ADD are actually an advantage.

Well, one of my coping behaviours was brought to my attention this morning. It seems that I use a count as a way to remember everything that I'm supposed to have. I know that I need 4 things at QFC or I know that I need to do three things at the Post Awful.

So, this morning, I was bringing in some books on LDAP for a friend at work and I was all ready to go. Cindy then asked me why I hadn't gathered up my lunch yet. *swap* I had completely forgotten to grab my lunch. I normally have two things to take with me to work; my bag and my lunch. Here I was, ready for work with two things, my bag and the books.

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