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Choosing your Portents

I'm really glad that I get to choose what various portents mean in my life.

After posting on Tuesday night about how I'm going to post more and comment less, a variety of things have happened to keep me from posting. If I took this wrong, I would think that the universe is telling me that my decision is wrong. Well, I don't think so and in chatting with Eris, she's just been amused. So, I'm planning on keeping with the current plan.

Oh. You wanted to hear what the problems were? Well, you probably don't but I want to write them down, so nyah.
  1. Icky allergy attack or something like it. See the other posts I made on Wednesday. This continued to some of Thursday. Went to dinner with jenk and jw1776. Got home and slept instead of posting. This was probably wise since, being off by 5°, I couldn't even spell right.
  2. Thursday and Friday work were fascinating since many of our support personnel are leaving and we've been scrambling to get things done. No time to post at work.
  3. Go to the Grind and spend time hanging there with nifty people (including myclaudia for a pleasant change and meeting motomotoyama) but I'm still off from the Allergy thing, so I go home early and attempt to sleep.
  4. Well, the sleep thing didn't work and I'm having weird problems on my x-server, so I attempt to upgrade some of the packages. In doing so, I completely bork the boot-record; finding this out *after* I rebooted. Nothing works including my copy of Tom's RootBoot or the floppy on Perv.
  5. Get *two* copies of Tom's RootBoot to take home. Work is still crazy and I can't get enough calm to get the thoughts together, so I comment a little.
  6. Fix the boot record on the x-server and spend some time with cindygerb that evening and then go to work cashier at the Men's Party at the 'Spot; go home and mean to post this entry; sleep instead.
  7. Spend Saturday cleaning, getting more sleep (what is it with this sleep thing), and go to the Sensation Play class at the 'Spot.
  8. Stay home with Cindy instead of going to the 'Spot. After she goes to sleep, I come down here and manage to write this. Let's see if I can succeed in posting it.

Well, that was a bit more self-indulgent than I usually am but I don't mind as long as I don't make it a habit.
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