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Using the "invertrac" and disproportion

Cindy and I have an Invertrac at the recommendation of our chiropractor. It's good for both of us. I saw the chiro for the first time this year and he was worried that I would stop using it because the pain has gone away and he's worried that I still don't have the movement that he thinks I should have in my L3 and L4. I suspect that he's right since I was using it regularly and my usage has tapered off. So, I'm going to try again.

One thing that it really brings out is the disproportion of my legs to my torso. I have to set it on the tallest setting for my torso to swing free like they show in the graphic on the website. But if I set it for my leg length, it's the setting for someone 5'8". I'm amused because I actually have to get on a stool to get on to the thing at the right height. I'm not used to needing to do that.
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