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Net Loss & Food

We had a loss of network connectivity for a significant time for the first time last night. From 5p to late, we were seeing between 75 and 100% packet loss. Not the easiest way to navigate the Net. I kept thinking of things that I wanted to do but they each required network connectivity. So, we cleaned up for gaming, fixed food, and napped.

Speaking of food, I have a rough life. I could live on simpler fare and probably would if it were up to me but Cindy likes cooking more elaborate things. For lunch yesterday, I had Amish Comfort Soup, Gouda quesadillas, and corn muffins with corn and black beans. Last night we had home made Biryani rice with chicken. That's for lunch today too. Yumm!

P.S. 8.30a meetings every weekday can be a bit rough at times. (The yawning ferret is very cute. Thank you Kim!)
Tags: food, speakeasy, work
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