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I realized something important last night during our Mabon ritual. I've been on the path to simplify my life since Morrigan's death but it's mostly been an unconscious thing until early last week.. For being unconscious, I was doing a pretty good job.

I need to simplify my life and get myself solidly grounded again. I don't have the balance that I think I should have. Yes, I am rather centered and balanced in comparison to many others. But I'm not the rock solid foundation that I think I should be. I manifest EARTH really strongly and I need to get back to being virtually unshakable.

I hadn't realized how long of a process this is but it's continuing onward. I wish that I had realized what I was doing and how long it would take. Since I didn't, I unfortunately hurt klicrai significantly. I wish I hadn't but there is no way to go back and mend burned bridges.

Note that I'm not looking sympathy or help with this. Now that I know what I'm doing, I seem to be doing fine at it. I just want to tell myself and others where I'm at right now.
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