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Doctor recommendations and what I know about this headache (Updated!)

Does anyone know what sort of doctor I could go to for a persistent headache that is of a type that I've never had before? I don't normally go to doctors for headaches, but this is the fourth day that I've had this. I was also doing some research and it suggests that persistent headaches that are of a type one has never had before could have an organic cause. While organic food is good, organic headache not so good. Unless I could eat it. Googling "eating headaches" yields nothing useful though.

So, recommendations on a good headache doctor or such would help. I called my meds doctor and he wasn't of much use on this.

What I know about this headache:
  • I hurt on both sides of my head in about the middle third of my brain but not in the center of my head between them. I've never hurt here before.
  • It started yesterday as if the sides of my head itched. It's progressed in fits and starts to really hurt bunches. Pain meds don't seem to touch it.
  • I have to really concentrate to think clearly and too much input that has to be processed can be overwhelming. There seems to be significant confusion.
  • Light doesn't seem to affect it either way. For me, that's weird.
  • The sides of my brain where it hurts seem to "not be there". I can't tell if it is as if it is non-existent or if it feels like it's someone else. Normally, I have a throbbing, a vice-like feel, or more rarely, my headache is static-y. Nothing like this before.
  • When I'm trying to think, it seems to hurt worse. It's almost as if I'm trying to make connections in or through the parts of my brain that "aren't there" and it becomes painful as a result.
  • This has really cut into my sleep schedule. I can only sleep for a few hours at a time before waking up again.
There have been two things that seem to help:
  • Active meditation seems to cut into the pain from thinking some. It's also kept it from getting worse. I'm hoping that it might even help reduce it.
  • Wearing my hat (see icon) seems to help mitigate some of the "not there"-ness. I don't really know what to say about it but it seems to help.

So, there it is. It seems rather odd, especially in the things that seem to help. I'm not sure what to do about it and I'm hoping that folks might be able to suggest things.

Note: I have an appt with a neurologist specializing in headaches at 3p.
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