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Spirited Away and its Previews

We saw Spirited Away tonight and it was very well done. Even though it kept cindygerb up until 0030 with work at 0730, she said she was very glad to've gone. I liked it lots and lots as well but that's to be expected since it was a Miyazaki movie. It was very well done and a masterful story. I specifically liked that it was much more upbeat than Princess Mononoke.

It was also nice because some of the local l*** folks showed up and we got to chat with them some.

But the real question and point of this post is to ask a question about one of the previews. I saw them show pictures of a spring and talk about a family and "a secret about to be discovered". I burst out with "Tuck Everlasting" even though I knew that no one was going to make a movie out of some obscure children's book. But it was that and they even said "based on one of America's favorite children's stories". This confused me because anytime I mentioned Tuck Everlasting to someone, no one has ever heard of it. So, I've come up with this poll:
Poll #62860 Heard of Tuck Everlasting?

Have you heard of the book, Tuck Everlasting before this movie?


If so, where and when?

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