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MRI Results

I got these last week but I haven't been up to posting them.

In summary, my brain and other cns stuff nearby are all fine. I've had a number of people tell me that they can't be my MRI report because the report keeps using the word "normal".
I do have a 15mm cyst in my right maxillary sinus though. I've got the name of a good sinus doctor to go to. I'll probably have the cyst removed if he thinks that's a good idea too.

MRI Brain w/o Contrast at 2152 hours

Brain MRI.

Clinical Information:
Migraine headaches which are new and different from previous.</span>Sequences:</span>
Brain MRI performed including axial diffusion, T2, FLAIR, and T1-weighted sagittal sequences.

There is no abnormality seen on the diffusion-weighted sequence to indicate an acute ischemic event or restricted water diffusion.

There is no magnetic susceptibility artifact present that would suggest previous hemorrhage.

The brainstem and basal ganglion are normal in appearance. There is no significant white matter tract high signal present that would suggest significant small vessel disease. The juxtacortical and cortical surfaces are normal. The orbits are normal in appearance. Pituitary gland is normal. Upper brainstem is normal.

There is right maxillary sinusitis with mucosal thickening and a 15 mm retention cyst. No air-fluid level is seen. Ethmoid and frontal sinuses are clear. Mastoid air cells show some residual marrow in the left more than right mastoid air cells with incomplete aeration.

Impression: 108523
  1. Normal intracranial structures.
  2. Right maxillary sinusitis.

There are pictures that I've viewed briefly but I've done nothing with them yet.
Tags: medical, sotw
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