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Belated updates and Norwescon

So, I can't really tell you, other than tiredness and allergies, why I haven't been updating my LJ. I've been reading and putting things into tabs but no actual writing has been coming out. Silly wolf.

Let us see if I can rectify that at least some.

For Norwescon, I had much fun even if it was a bit abbreviated.

Thursday, of course, was at the Grind rather than the Con because, well, it's the Grind.

Friday, I had to work half a day to get some builds out. A bit annoying but doable. But then, my digestive system struck. I had painful cramps for the next six hours and we didn't make it to the Con until about 7.15p. We picked up our badges and socialized and filked until about midnight when I was just tuckered from my issues earlier in the day. Both the socialization and the filking was good. Part of the socialization was cindygerb and I going out to ClaimJumpers with a large group for a friends birthday party. We were at the overflow table; this meant we got to socialize with our group easily and got our food quickly. Large groups can be fun but are unweildy.

On Saturday, we got going and made it out to the Con at a decent early hour and socialized more. There was also much fun in the dealer's room and the art room. There wasn't anything especial at the art room for me. I was delighted by a plush Predator doll with Happyface Smiley Skullstm. After I picked it up, I proceeded to show it to everyone that I could. It is just so many types of wrong. At one point, I was also please because I was at Book Universe and Lois McMaster Bujold was there to sign books. I thanked her, thanked her for two of Mama Vorkosigan's sayings, and got a personalized, signed copy of Paladin of Souls. She mentioned that which book was preferred tended to fall out by gender and that she was glad that wasn't always the case. From around 7p to 8p we hung out in the quiet con suite just sort of chilling out but left before the Klingon Karaoke. This wasn't our sort of quiet, so we looked at some of the parties and chose ivolucien's birthday party. Birthdays are important. We enjoyed the company of freaks there until I started fading due to my gastronomic adventures the previous day. So, we left about 9p. Definitely an abbreviated Con.

Sunday, cindygerb needed to work and I didn't make it back down there. There were definitely a few people that I wanted to see at Con but didn't. We did our best though. I determined the vector for the digestive badness on Friday and I'll be avoiding that in the future. I just wish that I could've avoided it before that. How much I've been sick lately has been worrying me but I'm not quite sure what to do about it yet…
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