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Being taken care of and Quotes

I'm very appreciative of how cindygerb takes care of me. For example, I'm staying home to take Droolpuss into the vet after they open at 8.30a. I have a phone meeting at 8.30a and I'll be taking him in after that. She knows how well I deal with mornings and so she called a little before the meeting to make sure that I'm up and cognizant. In this case, it wasn't needed but it was easily possible that it would've been.

I've also got a collection of quotes from various people in tabs that I've been meaning to post. All of them seem pretty potent and I want to have a pointer to them on my journal. I thought about commenting on them but it's better to let them stand by themselves. And something that I just saw last night that I found very amusing from blackfyr:
"Never Again the Burning Times!"
Try CreamPiles hæmorroid creme for a lasting cure

(Only funny if you know a bit about neo-Pagan politics.)
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