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Odd Dreams

I just had a series of very odd dreams. Unfortunately, much of it is fading already. This is good since it means that it's not a "glimpse of the future" dream.

It involved me in the present time but in a neighborhood and group of people that were Greek deities. At the end of the dream, I realized that I'd been dream and I asked Eris if she had been involved in this. She said, "No, I had no involve at all." Her nose then grew outwards and formed a cage around her face. She then said, in a mumbled voice, "Okay. I started you off but the rest of it wasn't mine." The cage then receded and just turned into a tree branch. Then I woke up.

The only person from my waking life that was there, other than me, was douga. He had sort of cameo role. His job involved making sure that things did what they were intended for by his presence.

Since much of it is gone, I only have fragments left. I think the dream might've had some genesis in that I'm reading something with the same premise in "Agamemnon's Run" by Robert Sheckley from the 30th Anniversary DAW Science Fiction anthology.

There seemed to be something about me being there to help bind someone/thing that was intent on doing harm to something important. My main points of contact were Dionysus and Hermes although there was some interaction Zeus and Hera and a few others whose names I've forgotten. I remember that Artemis worked as a Police Officer though. Some of the dream involved me being a passenger in a runaway car that I had to end up getting control of. All of the various deiforms lived in a rather large house in an area that vaguely resembled Kirkland. The rest of it is too nebulous to put into words.

One of the deities that helped me a lot when the going got tough was the Greek equivalent of Idunn.

I -do- like the idea of the Greek Gods living in Kirkland. :)
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