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Buying a camera

Considering that the Nikon D-70s is on sale for the month of May, I think it might be time to buy it with some of the money from my company bonus. As some of you might know, I'd was originally going to buy a Nikon D-100 a while back but when it came down to either the camera or surgery for our puppy, the puppy came first.

More than one person has told me that as time goes by, I'll just want the latest, greatest pro-sumer DSLR. This doesn't end up being so. I'm not taking the slightly lower end D-50 but that's because it doesn't meet some of the needs that I want. Looking at this review for the D-200, I easily see that it is way -too- much camera for me. It's still definitely in the pro-sumer line but if I bought it, I would be paying for a lot of camera that I couldn't/wouldn't use.
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